Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guest Bathroom mini-makeover~Find Your Perfect Gray

What a nice project this was.  It took about 8 hours total, taping, painting, stenciling, taping again, painting, and lastly, hanging new hardware.  I really enjoyed doing the stencil wall art~it seemed to be relaxing, however, I am glad it was only one wall I had to do. 
Now, you may think gray is an easy color to find, but did you know there are different undertones to grays, and depending on what color you want to accesorize with, can be a great challenge to find the right one?  I quickly learned this in shopping for the right paint choice.  Thankfully, I found a lot of useful websites I'll share later.
So we started with an off-whitish bathroom. 
I used a white that complimented the gray on the accent wall first, painting the entire wall with it.  I also used the white for the sideboards, door, and ceiling. 
White wall dry~my wall stenciling began.  I started just like how the stencil instructions recommended:  In an inconspicuous place, preferably on top.  So I stenciled from top to bottom, right to left, and left the edges for last.  To hold your stencil in place, you will need to place painter's tape on each side and top of stencil.  Once you've done one area, you gently pull the stencil off the wall, move and line up the pattern, and fill the next area.  Make sure to follow the instructions in wiping off the stencil every few areas, as this will keep the paint from seeping onto areas you don't want your color.  Also, you will want to make sure not to put too much paint on the brush.  Use a paper towel and roll the brush over it once or twice to get rid of excess paint. 
Once the whole wall, except the edges, were stenciled, I moved on to finish off and fill in the corners, and edges of the wall.  This was the most challenging part of the bathroom.  I had to match the stencil up with the pattern, bend it until it was flush with the edge and corner, then tape it down, and paint with the stencil brush rather than a roller brush.  It was challenging, but I knew I would be pleased with the results~and I was;)))

I painted the rest of the walls the same gray I used for stenciling.  As soon as that was dry, it was time to take off the tape and put new tape on so I could paint the ceiling.  I also painted the sideboards and the door after the tape came off.  I mostly freehanded the sideboards with a smaller paintbrush since it is a small bathroom. 
I added a brushed nickel ring towel holder to the sink area.  I didn't want the traditional towel rods, so I went the route of getting hooks instead~which I totally am glad I chose them.  The towels hold really well on the hooks and dry faster.

I shopped for black and white shower curtains but decided on all white, since it was more budget-friendly.  It turned out to be my favorite and makes the small bathroom feel larger.

One thing I have yet to do is install two white shelves above the toilet.  These will be handy for storing floss, qtips, cup, and other accessories.  I will have to give you an update with the artwork I will be creating for the bathroom space.  

I chose a greige color, which is a cross between a gray and beige.  This is a good alternative if you do not want to commit to either spectrum yet find an inbetween.

Happy painting!

Gray Color:  Behr Perfect Taupe
Target floating shelf (not shown)
Martha Stewart towel ring
Hobby Lobby stencil

Additional websites to help you choose that perfect gray:

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