Monday, October 14, 2013

Homemade Antibacterial Hand Soap

This was so so glad to be sharing it with you today:))

You will need:
~3 quart pot
~cheese grater
~plastic ladle for stirring
~measuring cup for pouring
~funnel for pouring soap into your container
~1 gallon empty container

~5 oz. bar of your favorite soap
~1 gallon of water
~2 T. Glycerin
~tea tree oil ( this is what makes it antibacterial)

I started out by grating my favorite soap.  I used Cheeky Maiden's pumpkin lavender soap, which is all natural.  I later learned during the thickening process the bar was only 4 oz. and I needed 1 more I just shaved 1 ounce off another bar I had on hand, added about 1 cup of water, melted it, and added it to the mixture.  It was Cheeky Maiden chamomile bar.

I filled the gallon container with water and poured it into the 3 quart pot.  Next time I'll slow down and take time to measure the water just to make sure I don't mess up and get a runny soap in the end:)
Then, I added the soap shavings and 2 T. glycerin and boiled on medium high heat until melted.  When you see bubbles and the shavings are gone, then it is done.  This was my favorite part of the process, as it smelled heavenly. 

Yay!~then your done with that part, and you can turn the oven off and let cool.  The soap will need to be set aside to let cool for 24-48 hours.  I just set mine on the counter against the wall.  When the soap is cool, you may add tea tree oil any time while it is geling.  I used 15 drops of tea tree oil.
The next day, I started to see mine gel up into what looked like a brain-like substance.  I stirred mine a couple of times within the 48 hours too, and it seemed to help with the geling. 

You can see I started out using a wooden spoon for stirring but read up on the fact that the wood will start to strip, so I discontinued using it and switched to a plastic spoon instead.  In the picture above, I have already stirred and mixed the white brain-looking substance with the clear, so it looks for muddled than what you might see at first glance. 

Well, after 48 hours of no sweat or tears, I made my own Antibacterial Liquid Handsoap and am so proud of it!

When refilling your soap bottles, always shake your container a bit to mix things up.  There will be a little separation sometimes, depending on what type of soap you use to make your batch.  I filled up my bottles and wow!, the smell was so subtle and calming, the feel of the soap was not bubbly, but rather just enough to lather and rinse (which is perfect if you have kids that have a habit of not washing off all the soap from their hands), and had the satisfaction of knowing there are no extra chemicals or ingredients going onto my skin.

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